Training testimonials


Coaching Skills for Nurse Leaders Feb/March 2018


What went well: 

· Skilled facilitator

· Flexible with content to meet needs of group

· Good open discussions

· Great facilitation with useful discussions and examples

· Very interactive

· Bev built brilliant rapport with the group and facilitated discussions really well

· I have had a session on coaching previously and not really learnt from it. Whereas from this session I really feel confident to try coaching team.

· Safe and comfortable environment

· Made it real to us and got me thinking


Power, Politics & Leadership, Doctors in Training 2017/2018


What went well:

· Probably the best leadership session I’ve been to mainly because of the way it was delivered - Very engaging indeed,  good sense of humour, entertaining and interactive speaker, enthusiastic and engaging trainer

· Comprehensive coverage of topics

· Youtube videos to brighten up the session 

· Theories & videos to aid deconstruct theories

· Great explanation of models of power and leadership

·  The session was interactive & we could share stories /experiences

· Thought provoking

· Presenter sharing “own weaknesses” & giving practical examples of leadership

· Lots of reflection/chance to reflect on own experiences

· This was very enjoyable: anxious about walking into information overload but this was appropriate. I learnt very much. Thanks

· Good pace

· Explained a lot of jargon!

· Clinical, “day today” examples


Facilitation & Presentation Skills

 “You have a lovely, self-assured but humble manner that all (participants) have responded well to. You have the confidence to share your own vulnerability with the group which I think enables them to be open and genuine as a result, facilitating important learning. The content is always interesting and you are highly skilled at identifying themes to pursue.” Tracey, Therapy Manager 2017

Leadership Workshops NHS 2018

  • Excellent delivery/facilitator/Bev is great!
  • Open discussions throughout
  • Felt safe and able to contribute/ comfortable atmosphere
  • Time to think
  • Combination of theoretical underpinning with our experiences
  • Very worthwhile
  • Well structured programme
  • Excellent session into own behaviours and leadership style 
  • Inclusive


Lakeside Non-Executive Directors Leadership Development Sessions Early 2018


Creating a “super-practice” covering 150,000 patients and merging 11 sites and separate practices has shown that there is a need for local GP leaders to have a skill set that enables them to support transformational change at the site level. The 2 half day workshops that started the development of these skills including change management and challenging attitudes and behaviours were brilliantly run and supported by Bev. My colleagues were particularity impressed by the way in which she was able to focus the group on the work needed to deliver the outcome. The phrase “herding a pack of wild cats” comes to mind. Well done Bev, great sessions and looking forward to building a long term relationship.

Dr Peter Wilczynski, Chairman, Lakeside Healthcare, March 2018

"Difficult conversations" training


I recently attended a course on How to have Difficult Conversations run by Bev.  This was a well presented course, facilitated at a good pace, in which all the participants were eager to share their own experiences of challenging conversations they have had both in and out of work. 

There was excellent practical suggestions given by Bev on how to deal with dreaded conversations, I would be keen to go on similar courses such as this, as it has had a positive impact on me.  Thanks Bev for this  - I learnt a lot in the session.  Kind regards Pete  Feb 2019

Resilience & Well-being for


·Great flow and delivered passionately / great discussion opportunities 

· Comfortable environment to create honesty

· Nice natural style of presentation, flowed well & developed ideas easily

· Fun conversations

· Pace of session went really well 

· Liked changing seats

· More understanding of mindfulness

· Coping mechanisms

· Mood cards on table

· De-stress items on table and sweets

Jan 2019

Team Facilitation


Excellent facilitation & direction of focus

Created comfortable environment to allow people to speak honestly & frankly 

Inclusive, honest, safe discussion space

Well-structured yet flexible session

Listened and summarised well

Everyone said/contributed something

Kept things/conversations tight

Sept 2018