Coaching & Support


Need courage to make positive changes then please get in touch! Whether feeling stressed or overwhelmed or even lost and needing some positive changes in your life then I'll work with you to find the courage to change for the better! 

We work together to work out exactly what is needed for you and your life situation and I will support you to move forward in a positive way.  Expect to feel your stress levels reduce and energy and confidence grow.

I'm passionate, and privileged, to help others to be the best version of themselves. I have a non-directive, flexible style and am a very attentive listener who is patient, empathetic and non-judgmental while also able to support people to move forward. Through my life and career I have gained a great understanding of the range of human responses to different situations. I am always striving towards unconditional positive regard. This helps you feel completely accepted and valued.

Corporate coaching & training also available

What happens at the initial session?

We will establish how coaching can help you and also how we can best work together. It is important to ensure that we can work together and build good rapport to support your progress. We will also go through the contract to ensure we are both clear on expectations from each other. This first session is complimentary.  Sessions are then £70 an hour.

How often will we meet?

This depends upon your needs. I regularly see people for between 4 and 6 sessions. You may need less or more. This will become apparent after the first few sessions.We will meet weekly or fortnightly - as is your need. Sometimes you may want to move very quickly. Other times you may need more time between sessions.  

Where will we meet?

We will meet in comfortable, private rooms in the centre of Long Eaton. If you would like to meet in your work setting, providing there are suitable rooms, we can easily arrange. Travel expenses will be attached to the hourly fee.  

Between sessions

I will be available via email to answer any queries or give support should you need it. 

I provide a flexible approach to the coaching structure based upon your needs. There is no minimum number of sessions to sign up to: you may only need two sessions, you might want on-going sessions. Also the amount of time between sessions is agreed with you at the end of each session. We work around your needs.