Testimonials for coaching

What people have said about working with me

I was in a real low, deflated & 'stuck' place. I am so glad I met Bev. It only took the first session & 2 weeks of complete turn around in events by putting myself out there again & taking back control of my life, having Bev as that support & making me realise my self-worth... I can't thank her enough! I really would recommend coaching with Bev, I found her really easy & comfortable to talk to opening up about my goals... And from my first session quote being 'I think' ... My second session my quote changed to 'definitely' ... I have found myself again. Thank you Bev X July 2017

Bev was able to professionally guide me to answers and helped me gain a clarity of purpose about my career. She also helped me to reflectively assess my own strengths. The true testament to the quality of her coaching is that a couple of months down the line, I am still using the tools that Bev gave me in order to make positive changes. November 2016

I think Bev had a challenge with me at first, as I was finding everything difficult, (at work and at home.) I found her very supportive and it was very helpful to have someone I could talk to, who was also reflecting back to me what I didn’t initially see to be going on. I have found the techniques she suggested around being proud of my achievements useful and I intend to use these in my assessment day soon. Techniques she suggested have also helped for getting my priorities sorted in my head and for helping me challenge the way I think about myself. September 2016

Bev is a truly wonderful person who cares deeply about others and operates with great compassion and thoughtfulness. She helped me recognise that it was time to do something about issues which had been bothering me for a long time and she gave me the courage to take the steps I needed to in order to move forward. September 2016 

Beverly puts you at ease the minute you walk through the door. Her smile is friendly and infectious and you can warm to her immediately. She has a warmth that encourages you to wrap yourself into, to feel safe and secure. She listens! With few words she will support you to find the answers that YOU need to move forward, to address your challenges. December 2016

Bev is a fantastic coach, she listens deeply to hear you.
Through conversations bev and I had I was able to acknowledge change was needed and deserved. I embraced a journey that took my career down a very different path that has connected me with my passions and strengths. Bev created a safe compassionate space for me to explore things that were very emotional, yet challenged and stretched me to do something about it. Thank you bev for listening. 

August 2014

Direct, straight-forward, honest and relaxed.  Very probing and effective questions. June 2014

Bev has a very calming aura and is genuinely interested.....  Bev reframed the issue during the session. This gave me a clear understanding and perspective on how I was feeling which overall gave me the chance to have a clearer view of what was actually happening and how I could approach and deal with it to stop the problem becoming a big issue....... Just a big thank you.  July 2013