Coaching Taster/Trial Session


In this initial 45 minute session (face to face or phone) we will establish how I, as a coach, can help you and also how we can best work together. It is important to ensure that we can work together and build good rapport to support your progress. We will also go through the contract to ensure we are both clear on expectations from each other.

This session is free. Sessions then cost £70 an hour. 

I provide a flexible approach to the coaching structure based upon your needs. There is no minimum number of sessions to sign up to: you may only need two sessions, you might want on-going sessions. Also the amount of time between sessions is agreed with you at the end of each session. We work around your needs.

New to coaching & want to know what to expect?

The focus of coaching is always upon you.  You get the opportunity to talk through what is happening for you, what is important to you, and what you want to change. As your coach I will listen intently, when appropriate I will ask questions for clarification, questions to help explore your issues further and summarise what I think I'm hearing to check it out. You will feel challenged in a supported way and this will help move you forward. Through this process you can work out what your goals are for us to work on. These may not become clear until the second session. It is not unusual to come to coaching with what you think you want to work on and through exploration you realise its actually something else you want to explore. 

I use reframing techniques (alternative explanations of events) to help shift your thinking if you are stuck. I may also use other techniques to help you explore what matters to you and help you move forward. 

At the end of each session you will take some ideas and actions away to work on. These are selected by yourself. The more you put into the work in between sessions the more you will get out of the coaching.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. At times it may feel similar as we explore what is going on for you. Coaching though is forward thinking and action focused. If I feel you will be better supported through therapy or counselling then I will discuss this with you. I will always be honest about when we are moving into areas away from my expertise and competence and suggest alternatives as appropriate.